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With an increasing number of businesses employing data-driven management techniques, it’s essential that the raw information on which operational and strategic decisions are based is consolidated, clean, and presented in a meaningful way to the various users within an organization.

At PetakSys, we specialize in combining information from multiple sources into a unified data set that allows businesses to gain a more accurate picture of their operational efficiency, as well as providing the groundwork for actionable insights into market opportunities and risks. With modern companies accessing and producing vast quantities of data on a daily basis, our data integration service transforms this information into a dynamic economic asset.

Empowering Financial Firms

The benefits of data integration are perhaps no more profound than for companies operating in the financial sector. With client and market data often distributed in multiple formats across numerous organizations, the creation of a consolidated data warehouse is crucial.

However, while most financial organizations provide transactional and market data in some kind of structured form — whether that be via an API or a daily file export — this data tends to be optimized for computerized systems as opposed to end-users. With the processing of information on spreadsheets being a time-consuming and cumbersome task, at Petaksys, we build systems that rapidly process data in a user-friendly manner — systems that are compatible with the platforms used in any number of financial institutions, including UBS, UBP, Pictet, HSBC, and RBC.

Whether offering traders a unified perspective on multiple market data streams or providing customer service agents with the data they need to effectively upsell products, Petaksys helps keep financial institutions one step ahead of the game.

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