The Development of a New Client Reporting Application

The Situation

A client hired us to create a client reporting application that would gather data from multiple sources, then automatically generate reports of varying complexity.

The Problem

Not only were the data to be gathered from multiple external and internal sources, but each data set would need to be individually interrogated and presented. With the client having a wide range of diverse clients, each report would require the application of specific features and calculations before being generated.

The Client’s Solution

Historically, the client had approached the task using an Excel-based system. Unfortunately, this involved extensive manual data management, which proved to be immensely time-consuming. Furthermore, with the system being a manual process, it was inherently unscalable and prone to human error which often resulted in flawed reports being generated. With the increasingly unwieldy and inaccurate nature of this Excel-based solution, a new perspective was needed.

The PetakSys Solution

Our central aim was to create an application that would replace Excel in the reporting system, so we planned to automate as much of the existing manual data management process as possible.

Our solutions included…

  • The design and development of a core framework that involved multiple programming languages and technologies.
  • The creation of a system that would allow data to be automatically extracted from its varying sources while simultaneously being monitored via a user interface developed using Intelliflo’s API.
  • The capability to store extracted data in a database hosted locally or in the cloud.
  • The development of a fully automated system that could generate professional, industry-standard reports.
  • The creation of a custom application that enables data to be enriched by either amending existing entries using Intelliflo Office or by incorporating external valuation and performance data.
  • The reduction of human input through an automated reporting system that includes new filtering capabilities, data verification, and the capacity to apply specific calculations to any individual report.

The Outcome

With our application in place, report production times were reduced significantly. The application automatically produced accurate reports with standardized parameters (performance formulas, asset and sector breakdown, etc.), so the reports became comparable, allowing for greater insights to be gained. Moreover, the time saved by our newly automated reporting process freed our client to devote significantly more time to their customers.

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