Unleash the Power of Application and Data Integration in Your Financial Firm

Whether you aim to improve data accuracy, streamline the aggregation of data from banks or ensure compliance with the latest regulations our team of experts has got you covered.
Your financial firm is unique and so your data needs. We are specialized in creating tailor made solutions that align with your requirements and challenges.
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Our Dedication to Your Success

Your firm has a vision for the future. We are here to transform that vision into reality through data integration.

Data Aggregation

Simplify your data aggregation processes using our cutting edge technology. We consolidate information from sources – markets, banks and investment vehicles – into a unified format that can be acted upon.

Data Excellence

We have a commitment to achieving quality and accurate data. Our technical expertise ensures that your financial information is not just reliable but also serves as an asset for informed decision making.

Security First

Safeguarding your clients sensitive information is our priority. We prioritize the implementation of security measures to protect your data from cyber threats and ensure compliance with the regulations.

Data Analysis

Gain insights into your investments and performance. Our state of the art analytics tools empower you to make investment decisions manage risks effectively and deliver value to your clients.

Regulatory Compliance

In the changing landscape adaptability is crucial. We assist you in staying of changes and industry trends ensuring that your data systems and strategies remain relevant and future proof.

Team of Experts

Your success is our priority. We have a team of data scientists, engineers and cybersecurity specialists to serve you committed to optimizing your data operations.

Our Three-Step Approach for Your Success


Evaluation of Your Workflows

We start this journey with you by evaluating your current workflows. We dive into your processes identifying areas that may be causing bottlenecks while also pinpointing opportunities for automation and enhancement.

Implementation of the Solution

Our team of experts brings your customized data solution to life by integrating data sources, streamlining operations and ensuring utmost accuracy in handling data. You can trust us to implement the solution effectively.

Ongoing Solution Updates

Our commitment doesn't end with implementation. We continuously monitor industry changes to ensure that your data solution remains up, to date with the advancements and regulatory requirements.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Data into Power?

Experience the advantages offered by PetakSys as we embark on a journey of transforming your firms capabilities and performance through data integration. Lets connect and discuss how our tailored solutions can drive you towards success.